Call for Updates: Confirming Mapillary Username and Email

By April 18th, 2021, it is critical that every Mapillary user has an updated email address that is fully functional and can receive important account emails. Read on for details.

Preparing for the new Mapillary API

Over the coming months we will be launching version 4 of our API and will be phasing out version 3. This post contains some key information for developers and how they can handle the transition.

Reflecting on 2020

2020 was a year many of us will never forget. Before 2020 gets too far behind in the rear-vision mirror, we'd like to reflect on some of the highlights for Mapillary and our community. We hope you enjoy these reflections.

Introducing Smart Edits: AI-assisted map-editing for point features with JOSM and Mapillary

Today, we’re introducing a new capability in the Mapillary plugin for JOSM, which allows for adding AI-detected map features using an accelerated workflow. Objects that were detected from Mapillary street level imagery can now be added to the map with just a few clicks.

Turn a Tesla into a mapping vehicle with Mapillary

Tesla vehicles have often been described as “computers on wheels”. They also include cameras for assisted driving features. In the Mapillary community, these features have raised the question whether the imagery from the car’s cameras could be collected and uploaded to Mapillary. In this post, we present a solution to do exactly that.

Microsoft Open Maps: Using Mapillary to improve OpenStreetMap in Serbia

Over the last couple of years the Microsoft Open Data Team in Serbia has been very busy. They've contributed over 1,000,000 images on 8,000 km of roads. They've also validated 300,000 traffic signs and made more than 4,000 traffic sign related edits in OSM.

The evolving camera landscape and our 2020 recommendations.

The hardware landscape for street-level image capable cameras has improved substanially since Mapillary began. We'd like to share our latest thoughts on different camera types and the models we recommend.

Power Mapping brings Rapid Reliable Energy to Rural Communities

Students in chapters across the YouthMappers network are finding innovative ways to use geospatial data and tools to improve Sierra Leone’s electrical grid.

Mapping golf courses with Mapillary and OpenStreetMap

Mapillary and OpenStreetMap contributor Peter Leth shares his experiences encouraging open data contribution and usage on the golf course.

Towards safer transportation: #map2020 in 2020

After almost 3 months of mapping, groups from around the world have submitted their Map2020 reports. One project has been selected to present at the 2020 Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Summit which will be held later this year.

Improving Maps for Better Capacity Planning in the Fight Against Covid-19

Better capacity planning needs better maps. By adding hospital bed count to OpenStreetMap, we can all make a difference.

Mapping in the Times of Covid-19 and How You Can Help

As the world takes action against the Covid-19 outbreak, here is how you can help.

Launching #map2020 for Improved Navigation in Undermapped Regions

Mapillary and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team are launching a new mapping campaign, #map2020, to solve one of the greatest developmental challenges for low- and middle-income countries: maps and navigation. Here’s how you can take part.

Mapping Latin America by Bike: Tales From Nomad Maps

Alban Vivert from Nomad Maps went on a six-month bike trip in Latin America. He captured his journey on Mapillary and used the imagery to edit OpenStreetMap. This is his story.

CompleteTheMap VI

We're back with the first CompleteTheMap of 2020! Here's how you can take part.

Street-Level Images for Better Public Transportation in Latin America

In Latin America’s rapidly growing cities, policymakers have struggled to keep up with changes in public transportation—especially around private services that have developed spontaneously for decades. With tools like Mapillary, communities have the ability to help collect the data that highlights their own experiences and needs, allowing their governments to develop regulations that can ultimately make for safer and more environmentally friendly transportation systems.

Innovative Uses for Mapillary in Field-Based Research Projects

Street-level imagery from the Mapillary platform is not only helping to build better maps all over the globe, it has also found its way into new and exciting research projects. We recently spoke with three researchers who have found innovative uses for the Mapillary platform in salmon habitat restoration, documenting the experience of a Victorian cemetery, and the fight against invasive pests.

Building Resilience Through Mapping: Learnings from Understanding Risk and State of the Map Africa

From artificial intelligence for mapping in low resource settings to encouraging women to map, there were several reoccurring topics when Understanding Risk West and Central Africa and State of the Map Africa recently met in the Ivory Coast.

Mapillary, OpenStreetMap, and OSGeo: State of the Map and FOSS4G Retrospective

August and September proved to be a busy and exciting time of year for Mapillary, with travel and presentations to some of the most important conferences in the open geospatial world. Our team was present in Bucharest, Minneapolis, and Heidelberg to talk about Mapillary’s role in fixing maps and growing the largest collect of global street-level imagery. Read on to hear about what we presented at State of the Map, State of the Map US, and FOSS4G!

Mapping Accessibility in Istanbul and Beyond

Mapillary’s Community Operations Manager, Said Turksever, introduces us to his passion project—mapping accessibility issues and wheelchair access. Through ICT4Society, Said introduces young people from across Europe to open data and mapping tools. In the process, they build accessibility maps to help government officials make better decisions for their citizens.

Announcing the Winners of #map2020

There were 33 projects submitted for the #map2020 challenge to build better maps in undermapped regions. Mapping teams joined in from Europe, Asia, and Africa for the chance to demonstrate how street-level imagery can play a role in addressing a humanitarian challenge. Two projects were selected to present at the HOT Summit in Germany.

How Innovative Student Research Projects Help Map the World

Mapillary is a great tool for student mapping projects since the platform allows anyone, anywhere, to map what is important to them. Whether traveling over rugged mountain terrain or through the jungle, anywhere you can bring a camera, you can map with Mapillary.

From Ghana to Iraq: How #Map2020 Mappers Use Street-Level Imagery to Tackle Humanitarian Challenges

From Ghana to Iraq, Zambia to the Philippines, we take a look at some of the 33 mapping projects that are taking part in #map2020 to build better maps in undermapped regions. The mapping participants are collecting street-level imagery to improve things like waste management, natural disaster response, and damaged roads, addressing some of the most pressing issues in undermapped regions.

Against All Odds—Mapping by Bicycle Along the Elbe in Spring

Mapillary is a distributed team of 55 employees in eight different time zones and twice a year we all get together at company offsites. We are all mappers at heart, so after the last gathering Tobias Ollmann, one of Mapillary’s Computer Vision Engineers, decided his trip home to Graz, Austria would be the perfect time to capture imagery for the Mapillary platform. For this reason, he decided to ride his bicycle 1,500 km from Sweden to Austria, and even though all of the odds seemed stacked against him, he was determined to finish his ride.

Geochicas: Helping Women Find their Place on the Map

In 2016, Geochicas was created by a small group of women in OpenStreetMap who noticed a structural issue in data communities due to the lack of female participation and project leadership. By promoting work that analyzes how women are represented in geospatial and technological spaces, they are helping to improve the overall diversity and quality of the data that goes into OpenStreetMap.

Announcing #CompleteTheMap V

#CompleteTheMap is back for the Northern Hemisphere summer. We’re encouraging location submissions from around the world with the goal to capture dense street-level imagery within the challenge area. The top three participants will be awarded cameras for the contributions at the end of the challenge.

Launching #Map2020: A New Campaign for Building Better Maps in Undermapped Regions

Mapillary and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team are joining forces to accelerate map data collection in undermapped regions. Local mappers are invited to use street-level imagery in mapping projects that address humanitarian or developmental challenges. Two of the projects submitted to the #map2020 campaign will be selected for a fully-funded trip to HOT Summit in Heidelberg, Germany this September.

Deriving Data from Imagery: An Intro to Deriviste and OpenStreetMap

A lesser-known OSM tool, Deriviste allows creation of new point data by clicking in the Mapillary viewer, or referencing a point on the map with a marker in the viewer. In this post we’ll learn where it came from and how it works.

From Sideline to Center: The Potential for OpenStreetMap to Seize the Curb

As technology evolves, there is a growing need for more detailed information in maps. Curbs are a great example of a street asset that has a wide variety of purposes, which puts increased pressure on maps and the details they do—or rather, don’t—provide. In this post, Daniela Waltersdorfer J joins Mapillary's Christopher Beddow to explore the potential for OpenStreetMap to embrace the curb.

Announcing #CompletetheMap IV

After a few months in hiding, CompletetheMap is back.

Mapillary in Japan

The Mapillary community is spread across the world, with significant contributions coming in from Finland in the north, Argentina in the south, and—if we’re slicing the world in half by the international dateline—the USA in the west and Japan to the east.

“A lot of white roads waiting to be turned green”—JB Brown and his 200,000+ mapped kilometers

With more than 200,000 km mapped, JB Brown has dominated the Mapillary contributions leaderboard since joining two years ago. We recently caught up with him to hear about what motivates him, and how he explains Mapillary and mapping when he gives members of the Amish community a ride in his van.

Building Maps with Street-Level Imagery for Disaster Risk Reduction and Response

For this International Day for Disaster Reduction we are profiling some of the different ways people and organizations are using street-level imagery to spring into action before, during, and after disaster strikes.

Map the Alps with Mapillary, HERE, and Garmin

Map coverage in the Alps needs improving. That’s why Mapillary, HERE, and Garmin are offering prizes for mappers who increase map coverage in the given areas. The Alps are visited by over 120 million people annually, so up-to-date maps are important. Here’s how you can help (and how you win one of the prizes!).

Join the HERE Game of Maps

Put your mapping skills to the test and participate in HERE’s Game of Maps with awesome prizes!

(Geo-)Social Media and Mapping: Which Spatial Footprints Do We Leave via Online Services?

At Mapillary, we are all in for research and innovation. In this guest post, Levente Juhász describes his academic research about Volunteered Geographic Information and asks for some help from our community.

Creative Commons Summit and How Mapillary Makes Global Relations

Peter Leth, our active contributor and educational advisor for Creative Commons Denmark, represented Mapillary at the Creative Commons Global Summit. He shares his insights (and an unexpected meeting) in this blog post—published under the CC BY license, giving everyone the ability to share, copy, distribute and reuse it.

Global #CompletetheMap Returns

The second Global CompletetheMap Challenge will launch on 1 May. Nominate your location and compete with Mapillary contributors across the world—and win awesome prizes!

March 2018 Leaderboards

To keep the competitive spirits up, we're publishing a series of monthly leaderboards. Take a look at who contributed with most images, edits, blurs, and verifications in March.

February 2018 Leaderboards

To keep the competitive spirits up, we're publishing a series of monthly leaderboards. Take a look at who contributed with most images, edits, blurs, and verifications in February.

Challenging the Winter Dip, from Australia to Uganda

The first edition of the Global Complete the Map challenge has drawn to an end with remarkable results despite the hardships of the winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Here’s a recap of what was achieved and what’s planned next.

What We Learnt about GIS at the Mapillary Meetup

Conversations at the first Mapillary GIS Meetup had a recurring theme. GIS work can include some cumbersome processes, but the experts working in the field have lots of creative solutions. Mapillary’s role is to provide the tools that help bring these to life.

January 2018 Leaderboards

To keep the competitive spirits up, we're publishing a series of monthly leaderboards. Take a look at who contributed with most images, edits, blurs, and verifications in January.

December 2017 Leaderboards

To keep the competitive spirits up, we're publishing a series of monthly leaderboards. Take a look at who contributed with most images, edits, blurs, and verifications in December.

November 2017 Leaderboards

To keep the competitive spirits up, we're publishing a series of monthly leaderboards. Take a look at who contributed with most images, edits, blurs, tags, and verifications in November.

October 2017 Leaderboards

To keep the competitive spirits up, we're publishing a series of monthly leaderboards. Take a look at who contributed with most images, edits, blurs, tags, and verifications in October.

August 2017 Leaderboards

To keep the competitive spirits up, we're publishing a series of monthly leaderboards. Take a look at who contributed with most images, edits, blurs, and capture days in August.

July 2017 Leaderboards

To keep the competitive spirits up, we're publishing a series of monthly leaderboards. Take a look at who contributed with most images, edits, blurs, and capture days in July and find out who managed to contribute more than a million images within a month.

From Panoramio to Mapillary: Jorfro's Spectacular Captures

Our community member `jorfro` loves taking photos—he used to do it in his work and for Panoramio. Now he is retired and Panoramio is gone, but he has found a new hobby in Mapillary and is one of Sweden's top contributors.

June 2017 Leaderboards

To keep the competitive spirits up, we're publishing a series of monthly leaderboards. Take a look at who contributed with most photos, edits, blurs, and capture days in June.

City Mapathon: (San) Juan more time!

Our Ambassador Erwin recaps a mapathon of the MapAmore initiative in San Juan, Philippines, and shares good examples for evacuation and emergency related mapping on OpenStreetMap.

The Route 66 on a Bicycle: Do It Now, Don't Wait Too Long!

Mapillary cyclist Volker shares his experience from crossing the US from east to west on a 4,000-km bicycle tour along the famous Route 66. Read about the good, the not-so-good, and the practical tips for covering the ride with over 300k photos.

May 2017 Leaderboards

To keep the competitive spirits up, we're publishing a series of monthly leaderboards. Take a look at who contributed with most photos, edits, blurs and mapping days in May.

From Uganda Mapillary Challenge to State of the Map Africa: Announcing the Winner

The Mapillary challenge in Uganda resulted in great mapping experiences and over 100,000 new images of the country. Our Ambassador Geoffrey announces the winner who'll be holding a Mapillary workshop at State of the Map Africa.

April 2017 Leaderboards

To keep the competitive spirits up, we're publishing a series of monthly leaderboards. Take a look at who contributed with most photos, edits, blurs and mapping days in April.

Jacob and the Meaning of GPS-enabled Cameras

Read how armchair mapping, cameras with GPS, and the passion to make oneself useful have shaped one of Mapillary's most active community members.

Volcano Mapping: Ascending el Bosque del Niño

Read the sequel to the adventures of the Costa Rican Mapperspace group as they capture and map the nature of Costa Rica in "the Forest of the Child".

March 2017 Leaderboards

To keep the competitive spirits up, we're going to start publishing a series of monthly leaderboards. Take a look at who contributed with most photos, edits, blurs and mapping days in March.

Mapanica Workshop: Using Mapillary for Urban Cycling

The Nicaraguan OpenStreetMap community, Mapanica, organised a workshop to teach people how to use Mapillary for improving maps and infrastructure for urban biking.

11 Frequently Asked Questions About Mapillary

There is a lot to explore on Mapillary, but also so much to explore about Mapillary. Here are answers to 11 of the most common things people want to know.

Photo Mapping the Canals with Maptime Amsterdam

A recent Maptime Amsterdam event was the perfect chance to discuss using street-level images in map making and try out some hands-on activities to capture the beautiful city.

Community Story: MapperSpace #2 - Mapping the Poás Volcano

This is a guest post by Mapillary Ambassador Leo, originally posted on his own blog. He and other local MapperSpace members put the Poás Volcano in Costa Rica on the map with help from as many tools as they possibly could.

Creating 3D Views with Mapillary: The End of Photosynth

Photosynth will be discontinued on the 6th of Februrary. Read on to see how you can create 3D views with Mapillary.

7 Community Achievements in 2016: The Unseen Leaderboards

The Mapillary community has had a great 2016, reaching 100M photos and much more. Let's look at some achievements from this year that are not on our regular leaderboard.

7 Photo Mapping Projects from 2016 to Inspire You in 2017

As the year comes to a close, we have looked back on seven of the many inspiring photo mapping projects that have taken place in 2016. Learn and get inspired by projects where Mapillary has been used to create and improve maps, showcase unknown places and help people tell their stories.

7 Remote Places Explored by the Mapillary Community

This week we highlight some of the most remote, far-flung and/or exotic places captured by the Mapillary community. These are places you won't find on any other photo map.

7 Photo Mapping Innovations from the Mapillary Community

As Einstein has noted, "Creativity is contagious. Pass it on." Here are 7 innovative thoughts that members of the Mapillary community have put into practice during 2016.

Around the World in 100 Million Photos

Two and a half years, 100 million photos, countless wonderful explorations - here are some of the most spectacular captures on Mapillary.

Exploring the Atlantic Paradise: Madeira by a Local and a Visitor

Madeira is a paradise island that goes beyond palm trees and sandy beaches. It keeps fascinating locals as well as visitors - so we're sharing some highlighs from both.

Map Your Hometown in a Day: An Evaluation of Mapillary

This is a guest post about the experiences of Dutch students from a photo mapping day in Almere. They see great potential as well as crucial points of improvement for Mapillary.

A Week in Manila—Crisis Mapping and the Growth of Mapping in Asia

Looking back on an action-packed week at the International Conference of Crisis Mappers, State of the Map Asia and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

The MapAmore Initiative is a go!

An initiative to map San Juan Municipality in Manila while engaging students with OpenStreetMap, free and open source software and of course Mapillary.

26 Miles Across the Sea, Capturing Catalina with Mapillary

A sunny weekend full of adventures around Avalon has put Santa Catalina Island on the photo map, making its winding paths and breathtaking views open for exploration.

Migrating from Panoramio: A New Home for Geotagged Photos

With Panoramio closing down, we want to welcome the passionate community to Mapillary and demonstrate why it is the perfect home for geotagged photos.

ToeBee, the Collector of Challenges

From bike riding to OpenStreetMap to Mapillary - read about the journey that has made our community member Toby ([toebee]( one of our most active photo mappers, and brought him to capture photos while paddling a kayak.

HOT Summit and State of the Map 2016: Good Community Vibes

Four days, two conferences and many new friends. Last week we had the inspiring opportunity to meet the global mapping community at the HOT Summit and State of the Map in Brussels

The Story of the Jungle Camp: Days Travel Fast, Hope Keeps Us Alive

With this post we want to share the story of the Jungle Camp - the refugee camp in Calais, France - through photos. Although a small one, this is a step towards understanding a life that for most of us is very hard to imagine.

Photo Mapping the Faroe Islands (Sheep not Included)

How to map a whole country in five days with two action cameras and a phone?

An Olympic City—Photo Mapping a Fast Changing Urban Landscape

Community member Arlindo helps to photo map urban infrastrucure in Rio de Janeiro.

Celebrating 12 Successful Years of Crowdsourcing with OpenStreetMap

At the fourth Maptime Copenhagen event, we met up to celebrate the 12th anniversary of OpenStreetMap, the wonderful crowdsourced mapping initiative that keeps on gaining ground.

Meet Mapillary Ambassador: Elliott

Meet Elliott, Mapillary Ambassador from Baltimore, USA. Elliott is a geographic informations systems consultant and is passionate about maps, open data, and photography. He thinks Mapillary is at the intersection of all three of those passions. He enjoys adding photos to Mapillary in support of efforts to improve navigational directions and local points of interest information. Elliott is a regular contributor to OpenStreetMap, a Maryland Open Data Council appointee and a military veteran. He is also active on Twitter @talllguy.

Open Data from Citizens to Develop Their Cities

Celine Jacquin believes that the potential for open data to improve our world relies on a collaborative approach. Read about the projects she's initiated to make impactful open data a reality.

Common voids: ​mapping ​chowks in one of the world's fastest growing cities

Community Story: Cycloscope Mapping the Way to Great Adventures

Cycloscope travelers believe in crowdsourcing biking-related information that helps make great adventures happen - why rely on Google's car when you can do it yourself? In this guest post they explain how and why.

Let's Photo Map Guadalajara This Weekend

Community Story: Mapping 300 Banyan Trees of Saalumarada Thimmakka

Almost 60 years ago, Saalumarada Thimmakka started the quest to create greenness around her home area in India. Today, the results are captured on OpenStreetMap and Mapillary. In this guest blog post Chethan H A tells the story.

5,000 km of Cycling with Mapillary in May

Here at Mapillary, many of us like cycling. Apparently, it’s not just us but our awesome community as well. In celebration of National Bike Month we thought we would check on cyclists of Mapillary to reveal where in the world they use their bikes to photo map places they care about.

Mapillary Ride on Rio de Janeiro’s New Tram VLT Carioca

The first stretch of the new light rail in Rio de Janeiro (VLT Carioca) opens up today. The 28-km system connects the port region with the city's financial district and Santos Dumont Airport, and is scheduled for completion in time for the 2016 Olympics. Arlindo Pereira writes about his sneak preview of the inaugural ride. This blog was first published on Medium.

Community Story: Using Mapillary For Humanitarian Mapping

#MapatónxGuajira is an initiative from OpenStreetMap Colombia and it is also supported by several tech communities from all over Colombia. We are really excited to support this initiative and to share their story of testing different tools for humanitarian mapping. Thank you Fredy Rivera, Juan Carlos Pachón, Carlos Felipe Castillo, Leonardo Gutierrez, Miguel Sanchez and all other people involved in the mapping project in Colombia. This is a translated version of Juan Carlos Pachón's post. Juan Carlos Pachónwho is a volunteer for OpenStreetMap Colombia.

Community Story: Lace Up For A Nine Mile National Park Hike

Our community member and Mapillary Ambassador @talllguy is a passionate photo mapper. He brings Mapillary in his car, on his bike and on his runs. He has captured almost 250,000 photos (!) in Maryland, U.S. Last weekend he brought Mapillary on a nine mile hike through three of America's national parks. Here's his #MapYourPark story.

It’s National Bike Month! We’re celebrating Mapillary Bikers

Photo-mapping in Old Havana (Photo credit:@dicepb)

Community Story: A Pedestrians Street Level View Through A Wheelchair

This week in Mexico City, Mapillary had the opportunity to participate in a walk through the city center as part of the 3rd edition of Liga Peatonal, a non-profit organization in Mexico that promotes better infrastructure for pedestrians.

Meet Mapillary Ambassador: Jean-Louis

Meet Jean-Louis, Mapillary Ambassador from Orange, France. Jean-Louis works at the local government and is a board member of OpenStreetMap France. He likes to use slippy maps that gather several sources of information (like OpenStreetMap, Flickr, Mapillary). Examples are Lizmobility, which is a map to show accessibility, and OpenLevelup, which allows to do micromapping on several floors. He is also active on Twitter @JLZIMMERMANN.

Mapillary at GISWORX 2016, Dubai

Community Story: Mapillary On A Roadtrip To America's National Parks

The U.S. National Park Service is celebrating 100 years and to support their work we invite you to bring Mapillary to your closest national park and tell your story with the #FindYourPark and #MapYourPark campaign. Some of our community members have already done some mapping and we got the opportunity to talk to Canadarunner who took Mapillary with him on his roadtrip to the national parks.

Earth Day Story: Sunder Nursery in Delhi

Bombax ceiba or Semal in Hindi, the flowers bloom in February-March followed by fruit pods which contain cotton balls.

Community Story: Photowalk Lima And Initiatives With The Andino Community

This past weekend we had the chance to get together with two communities from Peru, the excuse was to map a local park in the city of Lima. But most importantly talk about what the community is doing regarding maps and the recent open data movement in Latin America.

Create Virtual Tours Of Your Favorite National Park

National Park Week, April 16 to 24, 2016, is America’s largest celebration of national heritage. It is the perfect time to discover national parks and a great thing is that you can do it at no cost as every national park offers you free admission for the full week. Each park also arranges a lot of activities so make sure to stay updated on yours.

Meet Mapillary Ambassador: Shravan

Meet Shravan, Mapillary Ambassador from Ahmedabad, India. Shravan is an urban researcher at the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University. He is an active contributor on OSM. He was inspired to start using Mapillary by how Google was not allowed to do their Street View project in India. He makes it a point to contribute to Mapillary whenever on a trip or just randomly driving or biking around town. He co-organizes Maptime and Datameet events in India, encouraging people to use Mapillary and improve OSM. He is also active on Twitter @shravanshah.

Meet Mapillary Ambassador: Nuno

Meet Nuno, Mapillary Ambassador from Madeira, Portugal. Nuno is a geographer, photographer and an avid OpenStreetMap contributor. He uses Mapillary to more easily map on OSM. He is also active on Twitter @iamnunocaldeira and shares his amazing photography on Instagram.

Community Story: Mapillary Goes to School

Last week Ciarán, our community member who is very involved in #MapLesotho visited Portmarnock Community School. The objective with they day was to show the students (who already are experienced with OpenStreetMap) how to use a mobile phone to help with mapping. As we got very excited about Mapillary being used in schools we asked Ciarán to tell us a bit about his day.

Meet Mapillary Ambassador: Katie

Meet Katie, Mapillary Ambassador from Portland, USA. Katie is an advocate for safe walking and a recent OpenSource GIS convert. She's on a mission to encourage smart coders and policy makers to rebuild the urban landscape, particularly with regard to the walkway network: sidewalks, curb ramps, connections to urban trails... Katie's doings can also be followed on Twitter @rbracket.

International Open Data Day

Today is International Open Data Day! It's been great to see pockets of Mapillary activity at Open Data events all over the world.

Meet Mapillary Ambassador: Leo

Meet Leo, Mapillary Ambassador from San José, Costa Rica. Leo is a free software programmer working on Ubuntu and an OpenStreetMap contributor. He's been attending Hackerspace events and encouraging people to use Mapillary as a source for improving OSM. He is also active on Twitter @yoelopio.

Feeling It Out At FedGIS

We’ve learned a lot from cities and municipal services since we released Mapillary for ArcGIS back in October last year. FedGIS this week was one of the first opportunities to engage with GIS professionals at the state and national level. Here’s what we took away from the conference:

Mapillary Meets Mickey Mouse: Mapping Disneyland in 3D

When Google's Street View cameras made headlines last week after being spotted at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Mickey Mouse aficionados rejoiced at the prospect of seeing their favorite landmarks come to life with street level photos. However, lucky for them, photos like this already exist on Mapillary.

Citizenship Effort in Mexico—Lindavista Neighborhood

On Saturday February 13th we got together in the Lindavista Neighborhood with several communities from the Mexico City tech community, it was a joint effort to reach one goal: to map a complete neighborhood in Mexico City.

#MapLesotho Mapillary Sessions

The end of the first #MapLesotho training week was dedicated to Mapillary sessions. With presentations, discussions, a mapping event and hands on data harvesting, the planners got deep knowledge about the potential of using Mapillary as one of their mapping tools.

Maptime Copenhagen—Historical Images

At the second event of Maptime Copenhagen, Mapillary Amabassador Søren introduced us to geocoding historical images and uploading them to Mapillary. This provides a great way to experience time travelling in the Mapillary viewer!

MapLesotho Impressions

Three days after arriving in Lesotho there are a lot of impressions to gather. Meeting the Lesotho planners and the trainers from Fingal County Council has been amazing. Getting a first hand view of the progress and challenges of the #MapLesotho project is very eye opening.

Capture Street Photos for DC Vision Zero

Between traffic congestion, hurried pedestrians, and natural wear and tear, major cities are plagued with numerous road safety issues. To spur dialog about these issues, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and OpenGov Hub will be hosting a Vision Zero hackathon in Washington D.C. on February 13.

Lesotho Bound

In the second week of February Mapillary is traveling to Maseru, Lesotho, as part of the #MapLesotho initiative in collaboration with Fingal County Council. There we will be holding workshops dedicated to giving Lesotho’s Physical Planners better knowledge about the potential of using Mapillary to help improve maps and infrastructure.

Citizenship Cartography in Gualajara, Mexico

We kickstarted 2016 with an event in Mexico. This time the city of Guadalajara hosted a Citizenship Cartography event. Thanks to the support of the local authorities of Jalisco, the OpenStreetMap Mexico community and also civic hackers from Codeando Mexico where at hand to map the streets of Guadalajara.

Capturing Antarctica

It’s not often one gets to hit up a friend in Antarctica for a favor. When I heard my friend Ed Young was out there, I jumped at the opportunity to ask him to do a Mapillary walk. Sometime in the course of Antarctic mountaineering and running Ice Marathons, Ed squeezed this in.

Building Infrastructure with Mapillary in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

This is a guest post by Beata Felix Rutabingwa from the World Bank. The World Bank has been using Mapillary, a crowdsourcing photo app that maps the world with street level photos, to chart Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam, in a project called Dar Ramani Huria. This community-based mapping project trains university students and local community members to create highly accurate maps of the most flood-prone areas of the city.

Mapillary Walk Wrap Up

The Mapillary Walk competition has drawn to a close. Over the course of the competition we’ve seen walks submitted from around the world, from beaches in Rio de Janeiro to snowy fields in Sweden. The underlying purpose of #MapillaryWalk has been to encourage people to share their favorite places, using stunning photos to tell a story of why the place is special to them.

Lesotho Mapping Competition

Over the last few months Fingal County Council and mappers in Lesotho have been working hard to create an accurate base map of the country on OpenStreetMap. With vastly better maps, the planning and delivery of services and facilities across Lesotho such as healthcare and education can be greatly improved.