Walk Through The Safest Cities For Women

To commemorate International Women's Day, we teamed up with travel information startup GeoSure to showcase the top 20 cities in the world, ranked by safety for women.

GeoSure analyzes data from global sources fueling risk algorithms to deliver super-granular safety ratings. GeoSure contextualizes safety by rating from 1 (perfectly safe) to 100 (extremely dangerous) across safety categories: overall, physical harm, theft, basic freedoms, disease & medical and women’s safety, to assess relative safety, detailed to the street level. To our knowledge, GeoSure has the only dedicated, data-rich women’s safety category for world-wide destinations.

We've highlighted sequences of our favorite cities on the list, but it's important to note that safety can vary block by block in one city. GeoSure's working to model that out on a granular, street-level basis -- you can help by downloading their app (available on iOS, Android and on the web) and contributing information to "safety-map" your city.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland (GeoSure Score: 14)

2. Singapore (GeoSure Score: 18)

3. Edinburgh, UK (GeoSure Score: 19)

4. Oslo, Norway (GeoSure Score: 20)

5. Lisbon, Portugal (GeoSure Score: 21)

6. Ottawa, Canada (GeoSure Score: 21)

7. Vienna, Austria (GeoSure Score: 22)

8. Osaka, Japan (GeoSure Score: 23)

9. Tokyo, Japan (GeoSure Score: 23)

10. Sidney, Canada (GeoSure Score: 23)

11. Amsterdam, The Netherlands (GeoSure Score: 24)

12. Auckland, New Zealand (GeoSure Score: 25)

13. Toronto, Canada (GeoSure Score: 25)

14. Copenhagen, Denmark (GeoSure Score: 25)

15. Melbourne, Australia (GeoSure Score: 26)

16. Helsinki, Finland (GeoSure Score: 26)

17. Montreal, Canada (GeoSure Score: 26)

18. Zurich, Switzerland (GeoSure Score: 27)

19. Seoul, South Korea (GeoSure Score: 28)

20. Stockholm, Sweden (GeoSure Score: 35)

For more information about GeoSure's goal to empower citizens and travelers worldwide, and to learn more about their safety rankings methodology, check out www.geosureglobal.com.


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