Meet Mapillary Ambassadors for 2017

We're happy to introduce you the latest team of Mapillary Ambassadors—15 awesome people that work with our community.

In autumn we expanded the Mapillary Ambassador Programme. Ambassadors are some of our most active users who commit to working tightly with the Mapillary team to grow the Mapillary community. You can read more about the "job description" here.

We are glad to say that we now have eight new people on board, and that seven people who were already in the programme have decided to continue their excellent work. So here they are: Mapillary Ambassadors for the coming period, from all over the world.

Mapillary Ambassadors 2017

If you'd like to find out more about the Ambassadors and where they come from, you can explore this story map (click on the Media tab to navigate around their locations). If you want to get in touch with those wonderful people, you'll find their contacts on our Community page—they're happy to help you with any Mapillary questions!


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