We are glad to announce our partnership with Bruce Harris & Associates to make street-level imagery accessible and affordable in appraisal services.

One of best things about working with Esri is that we meet and learn from other partners in the Esri ecosystem. Last year at an Esri conference we met the team from Bruce Harris & Associates (BHA), the leading provider of appraisal products and services to local government agencies. A few joint sales calls later—along with some technical development work and a jaunt around Kelleys Island OH with a very interesting setup—and we're now pleased to announce a partnership around Mapillary street-level imagery in BHA's Paperless Reappraisal System (PRS). This will mean a good application case of street-level images as well as a boost to Mapillary coverage.

Multi-cam capture during our test pilot on Kelleys Island OH

If you're a property appraiser, try out the PRS app or contact us or our new friends at BHA. Learn more about the Bruce Harris partnership and look out for exciting developments coming out of it later this year.

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