We're proud to announce that Eniro has integrated Mapillary into their search services, enabling their visitors to find the location of businesses and individuals via street-level images that have been provided by local people.

Eniro is one of the leading Scandinavian search engines that provides a place for local vendors to be found on a forever-changing market. Now the people of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and UAE can look up local businesses and find their way, using street-level images that have been provided by local people, the experts.

“We are truly happy to integrate Mapillary on all our sites. By letting our millions of users upload street-level photos to our maps, we enhance the search experience and make it easier for our users to discover their local surroundings,” says Renate Morken, Communications Manager at Eniro.

Explore Mapillary on Eniro

There’s already lots of coverage of the bigger cities and roads, and there are many more places to be found. Use the Mapillary icon to find out which parts of your city have coverage, and enjoy virtually wandering down the street.

Mapillary street level photos on Eniro

Add Mapillary images to Eniro

Does your cafe or shop have outdated imagery? Is it missing photos completely? No problem. Anyone can add Mapillary imagery that will show up on the Eniro Map. Just sign up for Mapillary and capture the street with your smartphone. The images will be available on Eniro within 24 hours after you hit upload.

We encourage everyone to go out and capture their best spots. Sharing your favourite places with others is the best way for you to support your local vendor—and to find new favourites!

/Madelen and the Mapillary team

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