More Mapillary Partners

We are happy to add three more organizations to our list of partners to help make the most out of street-level imagery.

A few months ago, we announced three new partners with equipment and/or services for high-quality imagery capture. Last month we announced a partnership with Bruce Harris & Associates to take on property appraisals with street-level imagery.

With three new partners to showcase this month, we are on our way to start up an official partner program to support organizations with complementary products and services to our street-level imagery. If you provide imagery capture services, manage a fleet of vehicles, offer a GIS- or location-based application, or provide consulting for geospatial services—please send us an email. Now is the time to give us your input on how you’d like to work with us and see this program shape up!

Mapillary partners Sogefi, Roadroid, Gispo

Sogefi offers high-quality imagery capture services in France. Sogefi uses the imajBox mobile mapping system and has uploaded millions of high-quality images to Mapillary. Imagery captured by Sogefi can be used for automated feature extraction for surveys and asset inventory. Read more.

Gispo, based in Helsinki, Finland, works with local municipalities to organize citizen engagement events using Mapillary, then uses the resulting imagery and data in GIS projects. Read more about GISPO and see the case study about their work on mapping biking infrastructure in the City of Espoo, Finland.

Roadroid is an Android-based platform for collecting and evaluating road quality data. Based in Ljusdal, Sweden, Roadroid offers its services to road engineers all over the world. The Roadroid platform integrates Mapillary imagery to visualize road condition information collected by its system. Read more.

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