Two New Mapillary Partners

Meet our newest partners Sige and Red Hen Systems.

We are happy to announce two new additions to our growing list of partners: Sige and Red Hen Systems.

Mapillary Partner Sige
Mapillary Partner Red Hen Systems

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the GIS experts at the Rabat-based Sige for over a year, and have been consistently pushed by their creative team to improve our product for geospatial services. We are excited to start seeing the results of our partnership across transportation, construction, and tourism industries. Learn more about our work with Sige and look out for exciting product developments later this year.

Red Hen Systems is a geospatial media mapping technology company based in Fort Collins, CO. The team at Red Hen has built up over twenty years of experience with imagery capture and geotagging, while staying on top of new hardware and tech. We love their insights on new cameras and GPS devices for photo mapping, and look forward to complementing each other on customer opportunities. Learn more about our work with Red Hen Systems and look out for some joint activities in the GIS community soon.

Sige time travel Developments at a construction site captured by Sige

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