Collaborating to Map the Planet: Extending Our Partnership with HERE

Following a successful pilot, we’re continuing our partnership with HERE, the global map data and location services provider. We’re working with HERE and their Map Creator community to deliver better maps to millions of people—and add millions of images to the Mapillary database along the way.

HERE partnership with Mapillary

In August 2016 we launched a three-month pilot with HERE. Post-pilot results revealed clear gains for both sides, so today we’re glad to say that we’ll be continuing this partnership with an eye to going global.

The partnership is currently live in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Mapillary images, stitched into 3D views, will be available in the Map Creator editing tool for making improvements to HERE maps. Millions of people using apps powered by HERE maps will have access to richer, fresher location data. At the same time, the Map Creator community will be adding even more imagery to Mapillary—we’ll be working closely with HERE to get more and more people contributing to this effort.

HERE Map Creator edit tool with Mapillary

We’re optimistic about the partnership. In just a few months, HERE Map Creators contributed over 100,000 km of coverage in the pilot countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, and Australia). That’s a lot of map data—made available to not only HERE, but also to everyone else using Mapillary for government and GIS use, academic research, humanitarian projects, and open mapping efforts, including OpenStreetMap.

Mapillary is on a mission to help make better maps, build smarter cities, and improve traffic safety through data obtained from street-level images. We’ve said it before and it bears repeating: we believe it takes more than just one company to map the world. It takes many companies, organizations, and passionate people—all with different objectives, but aligned around benefiting through cooperation. Our partnership with HERE is a great example of working together so everyone wins.

Our role at Mapillary is to keep up with our growing community. We’re hard at work building a database that can scale from 10 million to 100 million to a billion images, and technology that ties everything together to extract useful data, based on world-class research in computer vision. We’re looking forward to working with more partners like HERE to move the mapping industry forward with an open and collaborative approach.


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