Our community member jorfro loves taking photos—he used to do it in his work and for Panoramio. Now he is retired and Panoramio is gone, but he has found a new hobby in Mapillary and is one of Sweden's top contributors.

Jorfro joined the Mapillary community about three months ago. He's interested in photography and used to upload to Panoramio, documenting some spectacular places in his homeland Sweden. Now he is an outstanding Mapillary contributor, having reached more than 320k images already in this short time.

Seaside panorama Instagram edition Instagram panorama art with a view from Varberg, Sweden, by jorfro01

Jorfro is currently retired but the fun fact is that with Mapillary, he is sort of continuing his old job. Namely, he used to work at a telecommunications company, mapping out cables in the ground. This also included him taking photos of the markings he made above the ground int he course of work. Their company had a special app for that. So it resembles Mapillary captures in many ways.

His work used to take him around an area spanning a couple of hundred kilometres. That provided great opportunities to also snap photos to upload to the Panoramio site. In the end, he gathered up about 7,000 beautiful panoramas.

Today, he captures great sequences with Mapillary, which can often also be seen among our featured collections (on the web and iOS app). He uses his system camera and uploads via the web uploader to get the images to Mapillary. He is also very active with reporting issues so we can assure that our uploader has definitely improved thanks to Jorfro.

For Mapillary capture tips, he advises to always make sure that your GPS is on. "Sometimes I have forgotten to turn the GPS on—not fun!" He notes that it feels really hard to hold his camera steady as he captures. However, it's obviously worth the effort—look at the smooth results! We will be looking forward to see lots more of those on Mapillary.

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