Mapping MWC and Party

We have arrived a little bit early for a must attend event for any company involved in the mobile space which is Mobile World Congress. It is a great excuse to visit Barcelona, one of the most enchanting cities in the Mediterranean with a lot of places to see and map.

Last night we had the chance to visit GeoInquiets, the local chapter of geocachers in Barcelona and saw a great presentation from Sergio Anguita and Marc Torres from GeoStarters at the Institut Cartographic de la Generalitat de Catalunya a local government initiative that develops mapping solutions for the different government institutions of Catalunya.

“It is crucial for Intra-preneurs to be flexible - be like water - you never know when directives change and your projects need to adapt”

Sergio Anguita - I'ICGC

The talk was around the necessities to work with cutting edge technologies to develop sustainable solutions for local and national agencies. Maintaining legacy systems and helping foster innovation for internal projects with out breaking anything. Overall it was a great experience seeing the GeoGeeks exchanging ideas and also talking about their experiences.

We got a chance to invite everyone to the events we are promoting during Mobile World Congress.

  1. Mapping the Horta Labyrinth - more information here.
  2. Mapbox/Mapillary meetup - more information here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone of you in Barcelona and stay tuned for the Mapillary photos of the Horta Labyrinth.

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