Mapillary Meetup in Barcelona - Laberint d'Horta & MWC 2015

Our Barcelona trip could not have started any better, today we where rewarded with great weather to do our first Mapillary Meetup in Catalunya. In just a few days we manage to put together a mapping party around the Horta Labyrinth, one of those enigmatic places that represents Barcelona. A garden museum in the northern part of the city with a great view to the Mediterranean sea.

We where joined by the great geogeeks of Geoinquiets and the OpenStreetMap Catala, so all the community of geocachers of Catalunya where at hand to talk maps, cartography and computer vision on our way to the Museum del Laberint.

It was great to see geocachers at the event (even two 3 month babies) working with their mobile phones to map the way to the Museum del Laberint and map the inside of the garden. We even got lost inside the maze.

We really enjoyed chatting with this awesome community around a range of topics regarding mapping and the opportunities to work with local governments to enable a better experience with maps, afterwards we had a quick stop in a cafe to get some more feedback before celebrating with the rest of the geogeeks in Barcelona.

We got lots of feedback and left with many things written down in our books to deliver a better experience around our mobile app and our web platform.

Then we headed down to the Mapbox/Mapillary party called Beers & Bocadillos.

So please try our Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Amazon app, dont forget to send us feedback on Twitter or email.

Gracies a tota la comunitat de Geocachers de Barcelona!

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