Mapillary Meetup in Mérida-Yucatan

We got invited by the fine folks at HITTCO to do a talk in Merida, it is in the Peninsula of Yucatan and it is close to Cancun. So we thought it would be a great opportunity to do our first meetup in Mexico and explore this fine city.

Merida is the capital city of the state of Yucatan, with more than 106 municipalities it has a population of around 2 million people in more than 39,000 square kilometers. With a lot of beaches and jungle. The perfect spot to do some mapping!

It is a growing city and it is pushing for Open Data initiatives and tech entrepreneurship in the state. We did a talk in the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya (Great Museum of the Mayan World) which you can see here.

On Saturday we talked about the early traction that Mapillary experienced and how local entrepreneurs and Startups could leverage their own communities to kick start their projects and companies.

On Sunday morning we went to Progreso, the local beach hangout of the people from Merida and ate some great local cuisine. Of course the highlight was the beach. Which you can find here.

In the afternoon the meetup was hosted by the local coworking space called Closerme, near the city center and it was a good setup to do some mapping around town. A couple of geogeeks go together and we showed them how Mapillary works.

So a couple of mappers went out in 32 degree weather (94 Fahrenheit) and we did a couple of streets near the coworking, we did no expect such a hot day. But we manage to have some fun and then had a few beers to cool us down :)

A great experience to visit Yucatan and we will definitely be looking forward to come back again.

Thank you Sanshiro from Aloha Creativos, Luis from Closerme and William Sanchez for taking the photos on stage and at the meetup. You all made our trip very special.

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