Brussels Mapillary & OpenStreetMap Mapping Party

Today the Brussels OpenStreetMap community had a mapping party where the attendants learned how to edit OSM data in the iD, Potlatch and JOSM editors.

I was asked to introduce Mapillary - being integrated into the iD editor it provides a great tool for confirming details while checking OSM edits.

Brussels is already in full mapping - progress with contributors like filipc soon covering the inner parts.

In this workshop, the emphasis was on using the easy iD editor with Mapillary integration - and a whole crowd of enthusiastic mappers got to it on the computers of local university. There was also good discussion around using Mapillary for disaster recovery preparations on the carebean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique with the help of the fantastic[RatZillaS] after getting inspired by the visual mapping of Mapillary user dacor in Lesotho last winter.

Also, the Mapillary T-Shirts, stickers and mounts were gone before we even could mention that they were available. Need to bring more swag next time :)

Thanks to the fantastic Nicolas, Jo, filipc inviting Mapillary over!

It's fantastic to see the energy and attention to details like house numbers, opening hours and fire hydrants in the OpenStreetMap community and the level of help we as the Mapillary community can provide there.

As a nice side effect, we managed to debug and fix a problem when using an external GPS with the Android Mapillary app on the spot - yay!

So, try mapping your town with Mapillary and contribute to OSM afterwards youself!

P.S. With the recent earthquake and the efforts of HOTOSM to help there, we are happy to support the activities with Mapillary data. If you are on the ground - consider taking more footage to help!


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