The SCRIPTORIVM: a Hackathon About Pompeii and Cultural Heritage

This is a guest post from Mapillary user Andrea Borruso (@aborruso) announcing an upcoming cultural heritage event in Pompeii using Mapillary.

I'm Andrea, a geomatic, but at night I turn into a "civic hacker" :). Seriously I'm involved in OpenPompei, a European Commission-funded project aimed at promoting a culture of transparency and open data. To achieve this goal, it engages in constant dialogue with social innovators, civic hackers, social enterprises around archaeology and cultural heritage, with a focus on the central node of Pompeii.

On 19 and 20 June 2015 we have organized the “SCRIPTORIVM" a hackathon about Pompeii and cultural heritage. We aim to build tools to allow better access to a part of Pompeii' wealth of knowledge: geographic and archaeological data, articles, photos and other kinds of useful information for scientists, citizens, visitors and lovers. As you can read in the landing page there will be 4 tracks and one of these will be with the support of Mapillary.

Pompeii was an ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples in Italy and its remains are a legacy for the whole of humanity, it is one of the planet’s best known and best loved places. It is enjoyed by people of all ages and from all cultures. And it looks great! So, we aim to create an archive of geo-referenced digital photographs of this Roman city, that people all over the world can use to enjoy a “virtual visit” of the site.

We will use Mapillary to do it, and as you know, all you need to participate is a smartphone!

We have used often Latin to talk about our project – it’s a kind of in-joke, a way for archaeologists to reclaim a dead language as a cultural signifier – and the name of the Mapillary track is “IMAGINES POMPEIORUM VIARUM”, Latin for “Images of the streets of Pompeii”.

The most complete public map of this wonderful archaeological area is OpenStreetMap and we will use it to plan and organize our hack plan.

As you see here, we have already used Mapillary along one of these ancients streets, but we are only at the beginning. Come to the #SCRIPTORIVM and please help us to build a georeferenced digital photo archive of this magic place!

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