Mapillary at State of the Map US

Jan Erik, Johan and myself attended the State of the Map US conference on June 6-8. With more than 800 map enthusiastic attendees, the event became the biggest OpenStreetMap conference in history. It was held in the UN Headquarters in New York City. We experienced interesting talks, inspiring conversations and excellent social events. Special credit goes to the organizers who put together a fantastic conference.

The presentation

Jan Erik's talk, Editing OpenStreetMap with Mapillary was scheduled for Sunday afternoon. Despite the fact that the talk happened right after lunch, a good number of map lovers showed interest in the presentation. It was great to hear how the OSM community finds our imagery useful for deriving information. All the comments, suggestions were extremely helpful and will be considered.

Jan Erik's talk

Our lovely community


We set up a table in the main hallway where we managed to give away 120 car mounts in just a few hours. Hopefully they will serve you well and lots of gorgeous sequences will be taken. We look forward to hearing from you. Show us how you use your mounts!

All gifts are gone

During the weekend, more than 10,000 photos were uploaded in New York City from 10 different users. It means that you almost doubled the amount of NYC photos in just a few days! The majority of photos were contributed by filipc, who usually focuses his efforts on mapping the Brussels area. He also showed us his equipment, which is fairly professional. It was a pleasure to meet you, Philippe. Keep up the good work.

I think we all agree that the best part of the conference was interacting with our magnificent community! Yes, talking to you guys totally made our weekend. The amount of love and kind words you have given us was overwhelming! We loved to hear about you, your stories and your experiences with Mapillary. We really appreciate that you passed by to say hello. You are proof of that we are heading to the right direction. We are sure that together we can cover the world with photos! Thank you again, guys. Mapillary <3 You

/Levente, Jan Erik and Johan

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