Geocamp ES, Sevilla 2015

This weekend I attended the Geocamp ES in Sevilla and it was great! Geocamp is a so-called unconference. That is a friendly, unstructured event to talk and share ideas with Geo professionals and geeks. That was the 3rd edition in Spain and the 1st in Sevilla organized by the super-motivated Geoinquietos Sevilla

Geocamp ES, entrance

There was a nice range of presentations on different topics like how to draw anamorphic maps, serving 3D maps and point clouds to any device, building a unified street map for Andalucía with open source tools, or visualizing data with CartoDB.

Sevilla’s FabLab was also present and made an inspiring presentation about how anyone can build anything. They came equiped with the awesome AR sand box, and we all had fun playing with it.

AR Sandbox

I presented Mapillary’s status and our future plans, and we took the opportunity to do a ‘fotocaminata’ on Sunday morning.


At Sevilla’s standard 33°C temperature, we gathered at the Ayuntamiento, and split into groups to cover a few streets of Sevilla’s old town.

Here is the plan he had

The plan

And here is what we've made!

Fotocaminata result

It was great to meet with users and to introduce Mapillary to people that wanted to get started. Thanks all for coming!


After the walk, David Blanco introduced us to the Geocaching game and we found some caches in the neighborhood.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend, where I’ve met great people. The format of the event really lets you engage with others. Thanks Geoinquietos for organizing!


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