Fotocaminata - Mexico City

As part of our reach out to mapping communities all over the world, we have been organizing a couple of photo walks in cities that are interested in hosting them.

This weekend it was the hacker space Rancho Electrónico that opened it's doors to Mapillary and decided to invite us to do a talk about what we do and then head out to take street level photos of the neighborhood.

This weekend was not the first time that Geoinquietos MX hosted us in Mexico City. One of our co-founders, Johan had the chance to visit Geoinquietos MX during his stay in the capital city for the Wikimania event in July. You can see a video they recorded of Johan's talk in Rancho Electrónico.

During this weekend's event we had the chance to show the new tools that have been released the last couple of weeks. The Geoinquietos community was really excited about new the compass on the map. Next time you are checking the map click on the arrows beneath the minus sign and move the mouse!


What we think is really exciting about the meetups are that we get to meet people from all over the city and it always brings some nice surprises. This time we made contact with a mapper from Cuba so now we got a Mapillary user on the way to Havana. Looking forward to explore a new area on Mapillary.


After the more theoretical part of the event it was time for the photo walk. We where about 10 people who headed out to map how to get to the hacker space from the two main metro stations. We mapped the area in less than an hour, check out the result here.

A big thank you to Ulises from Geoinquietos MX who made it all happen! Gracias Geogeeks and Mappers!

Except for the event this weekend there is another interesting mapping event coming up in Mexico City. We are collaborating on a HOT project in Mexico City for the 30th Anniversary of the "big earthquake of 1985" and will be doing some workshops in relation to the different events in the Zocalo.

See you in the next Fotocaminata on September 19th, details coming soon.


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