Citizenship Cartography in Gualajara, Mexico

We kickstarted 2016 with an event in Mexico. This time the city of Guadalajara hosted a Citizenship Cartography event. Thanks to the support of the local authorities of Jalisco, the OpenStreetMap Mexico community and also civic hackers from Codeando Mexico where at hand to map the streets of Guadalajara.

For this event the objective was to promote Citizenship Cartography with the use of our mobile application and for local neighbors to identify dangerous pedestrian crossings and any irregularities in the sidewalk that can be hazardous for local citizens.

The mapping started from the Parque de la Revolución (Park of the Revolution) in the neighborhood of Colonia Americana. We also got to see how every Sunday the local authorities close the main avenue of Juarez and people can ride their bikes, skateboard and roller blades the event is called Via Recreactiva.

We provided the mappers with selfie sticks and tested our GoPro integration on our iOS application on this event with good results in just 1 hour we captured more than 4000 photos and mapped an important building from Guadalajara a church from 1897 by the name of Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento.

Guadalajara was the home of the second largest university complex in Mexico, with their main building is still in the city center and we got a great glimpse from one of the mappers, you can see the building from the Universidad de Guadalajara.

It was our first time mapping with these communities from Jalisco and we where excited to hear how we could collaborate with them. One of the participants is working in the agave fields in one of the local Tequila companies, so we might start to see how these cacti are planted and cultivated soon in our maps. Codeando Mexico is working on OpenData initiatives with neighborhoods around the city and we hope we can do more mapping events with them.

Of course OpenStreetMap is one of our main collaborators since we started in this adventure to map all the places in the world to create and open data map for everyone to use.

The mappers

If you are interested in hosting mapping and cartography events, please let us know on Twitter or email.

Hope to see your proposals soon :)

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