Meet community member Yann

We got the opportunity to talk to our surfing community member Yann who lives in the beautiful island of Guadeloupe.


Could you tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve been in GIS and mapping since the very beginning of my carrier (about twenty years ago). Madagascar, Niger, Morocco, French Polynesia, Sénégal, Mauritania, Brazil, Chile and France are some of the countries where I've been working in. Since five years ago I’ve been living in beautiful Guadeloupe (French West Indies) with my family.

I've professional connections to the QGIS and OpenStreetMap community. I’m a HotOSM and OpenStreetMap contributor. Each year I'm together with the Guadeloupean Tech community organising a mapping party to promote crowdsourcing and open data.

Why are your using Mapillary?

I got introduced to Mapillary by Gael Musquet (aka Ratzillas) who came to visit Guadeloupe this summer to share his experience with the French West Indies community. I’m now totally a fan!

How did you get hooked on Mapillary?

I like the idea of contributing to a open data project and that my pictures can be used by other mappers to enhance OpenStreetMap. I also like the idea that people can virtually visit the places I find beautiful.

What would you like to tell others about Mapillary?

Mapillary can be very useful for professional purpose. It helps field mappers to easily gather a lot of information that can be processed more easily once back at the office. I hope that Mapillary will continue being open so that we soon have a very reliable and open picture database of the world.

What is your favorite photo walk?

I just made a contribution in Corsica this summer at the reserve of Scandola, I think it is one of the most spectacular place in the world: Take a look.

A warm thank you to Yann for sharing his Mapillary story. We love hearing stories from our community and want to hear yours too. Reach out to us at

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