Mapillary iD Editor for OpenStreetMap

We have been working closely with the OpenStreetMap community in order to find the best way to leverage all the fantastic coverage that is starting to emerge on Mapillary to improve OpenStreetMap data.

With our latest effort, with the guidance and input of @jfire and @mvexel, we are proud to present a first version of the Mapillary - OSM integration for editing here.

alt image with links

Main integration features of Mapillary-iD, taken from Malmö

Basically, we did 3 additions to iD:

  • Added an optional layer to the main map view to display Mapillary sequences (the red lines)
  • Upon mouse clicks on the map, fetch and display the closest image in the inspector sidebar and link to the full view on Mapillary
  • Indicate the position and view direction of that image on the map, so the editing person can find the relevant features on the map

With a bit of feedback, maybe this can get merged into the main branch and be available on the main iD site. Now, if you are mapping for OpenStreetmap, feel free to take pictures with Mapillary and you will enhance both projects.

Try it out and let us know what you think!


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