Sharing, finally!

Mapillary is getting social! Today we’ve added a way to easily share images you like. Introducing: the share modal. Below you'll find a quick run through of the most important aspects.

To access the share modal, hover on any image you like in the main view. There you’ll find a link that will take you to our two main ways to share the image, a URL link or embedding a view. Finding the 'Share' button

Share modal

The first option is the oldschool link. We made it easy to share the link through Twitter and Facebook. If that doesn’t rock your boat, you can also copy and paste the URL, but instead of reaching to the browsers URL bar you can click on our link and it will be selected for you, which means you will have to click less ;).


The second way of sharing what you like on Mapillary is through embedding that image on your website. You can do so by using our widget. To make life easier, you can get a simple widget embed code through the share modal. You have a couple of options for customising the look of the embedded widget.

  1. Display Map. Copying the iframe code with this option enabled will make a widget containing the map, just like in these examples below.

Example of a widget with a map Example of a widget without a map

  1. Width. This option allows you to specify how wide the iframe containing the widget should be on your site. We thought 300px is a good starting point.

You can embed panoramas also! Just click the share button whenever you're at a panorama picture and you will automatically get the panorama viewer.

For more examples of what you can do with the widget, head over to Mapillary Examples page or checkout Peter's recent post on covering tracks.

As usual, let us know what you think on Twitter and report any problems you find!

Happy sharing!

Kamil and the Mapillary Team.

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