Updating our Street Level Image Privacy Blurring

We recently made changes to how we handle image blurring for street level images. This post provides an update and explains those changes for our Mapillary users and contributors.

Blurred image

No more unblurred copies

As described in our privacy policy, we previously kept an unblurred image for up to six months after submission. We did this to improve our privacy blurring with new training data based on failure cases and to let contributors unblur any area in the images they submitted.

We are now announcing that we will no longer keep any unblurred copies of street level images that users submit to the Mapillary platform and we will continue to apply automatic privacy blurring when contributed images first arrive at our servers. This change reflects our continuing commitment to build a privacy enhancing platform that reflects the evolving values of the Mapillary community. Thank you to all of you who provided feedback across the forum and support channels.

No more unblurring in the editor

With this dedicated focus on privacy first, you will not be able to unblur any blurred areas in your contributions (blurring new areas manually works as normal though). We rarely see this feature used and decided to prioritize privacy over functionality in this case.

We appreciate your understanding and thanks for making Mapillary what it is today.

/Jan Erik

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