Upgrading Mapillary for JOSM: Focused Editing with Filters

Boost your OpenStreetMap editing with new features in Mapillary's plugin for JOSM: more flexible filters, enhanced changeset tagging, support for organizations, and a number of UI and performance fixes.

Visualize the Future of Cities with Mapillary in ArcGIS Urban

ArcGIS Urban, Esri’s new product for smart city planning, is now featuring a Mapillary integration. Bring street-level imagery side by side with 3D models of projects for a better understanding of how cities will evolve.

Accessing Machine-Extracted Map Data: Improved Data Downloads

Downloading the map data that you’ve subscribed to is now much more flexible. You can choose the object types you wish to download, which also means your download files will get prepared faster. There are two new file types available, and notifications for when your data is ready.

The Camera That Turns Any Fleet into a Mapping Fleet: Say Hello to the Mapillary Dashcam

Mapillary is releasing the world’s first end-to-end encrypted mapping dashcam to help delivery and ride-sharing fleets access the map and navigation data they need to serve their customers. The camera is light, flexible, and while it requires no extra work from drivers, it can capture up to 150,000 high-quality images in one eight-hour session. The images and the data are available on the Mapillary platform within hours of uploading. Finally, a quick and easy way for fleets to get the map data they need to fix maps.

See Your Mapillary Milestones in the iOS App

Our newest feature in the iOS app lets you see the milestones you’ve reached as a Mapillary contributor, and the next goals that await.

More Ways to Teach the Machine to See: Spotting Missed Objects

With Verification Projects, you can do quality review of the automatic object detections that underlie Mapillary’s machine-generated map data. In addition to verifying whether detections are correct, you can now also check images for missed objects, as we release a new type of task that’s now available in all verification projects. This will help improve our algorithms even more, enabling you to scale up mapping with high-quality map data.

Scale Imagery Collection with Capture Projects: Android App Now Available

With our recently released Capture Projects, organizations like the City of Detroit have collected thousands of kilometers of fresh street-level imagery by having a team of drivers cover the area, task by task. Today we’re making Mapillary Driver, the app that drivers use for completing their tasks, available on Android. This improves access to Capture Projects as teams are now able to use a broader range of devices in the field to see what they need to map.