Improved Notifications: Stay on Top of Your Mapillary Activities

You may have noticed that a few things have changed in the Mapillary app. We made it easier for you to get an overview of your Mapillary activities while also providing a deeper understanding of what is going on with each activity.

The feed now allows you to both get an overview and dig deeper

We have re-done the feed tab so that you can choose how detailed information you want to see about your activities. The story items you see there give a good overview of what is happening right now with your Mapillary photos, blurs or edits. If you want to dig deeper, you can tap into each story to get more details. You will get updates on your uploads, on edits for your contributed photos and on comments made by your Mapillary friends. The new feed is live in the Mapillary web app and is coming soon to iOS and Android as well.


We will notify you when something important happens

There’s a slight change regarding email notifications. We have trimmed down the number of notifications to reduce the amount of noise. For example, instead of receiving one email when we have received your upload and then another one when we have processed the images, we will only send you one notification once your upload has been processed and published. Instead you can follow the progress from the feed tab where you see the status of your pending uploads, edits and blur requests. We also made it easier for you to reach your Mapillary activity directly from the email.

On top of this we are introducing push notifications to allow for a more real-time experience. We can notify you when your latest upload has been published on Mapillary, your edits have been reviewed or when someone makes a comment on the photos you uploaded to Mapillary.

If you want to change your notification preferences, you can do that on your profile settings page under “Notifications”.

We’ve got more good things planned to help make your notifications even more useful. Stay tuned! As always, we’ll be relying on your feedback as we keep on making improvements, so please keep it coming.

/The Mapillary Team

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