Full Resolution Zoom: View Exactly What You Captured

Our new full resolution zoom feature lets you view every photo in its finest detail and make the most out of high-resolution imagery.

It has been possible to zoom and pan in any photo uploaded to Mapillary for some time already. But due to the fact that we have only been rendering thumbnails generated from the original photo, it has not been possible to see all the originally captured details when navigating around.

With the recently released full resolution zoom on mapillary.com it is now possible to view every pixel and detail of the originally uploaded photo. The full resolution functionality works for all photos uploaded to Mapillary—regular photos taken with phones and wide-angle action camera photos as well as cropped and full 360-degree panoramas.

The full resolution feature makes it possible to view small details in photos that were not possible to see before. Reading house numbers or traffic sign text and inspecting road quality will now be easier.

Zoom in by scrolling with your mouse or touchpad on a computer or pinch on a touch device in the examples below to see the full resolution feature in action. The more you zoom the higher resolution will be loaded. The highest resolution showed when zooming is limited to the size of the originally uploaded photo.

Currently the feature is available on mapillary.com and in embeds. We aim to enable it by default in MapillaryJS in the future so that all integrations can take advantage of it. Also, the feature does not support full resolution on mobile phones yet, where downscaling for large photos will occur. Expect updates regarding this in the coming months.

For demonstration, we are proud to announce three new partners with high-resolution capture capabilities. If you are looking for high-quality imagery for your town or your project, check out sample results here—in highest detail.

Continental Mapping—we announced a partnership last year and are pleased to continue the relationship in 2017. Continental offers 360 capture services in the continental United States. Read more.

University of Wisconsin–Madison campus in Madison, Wisconsin, captured by Continental Mapping

WSP Sweden offers 360 capture and engineering services in the transportation industry all over Sweden. WSP Sweden is a subsidiary of WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, the leading global engineering consultancy. Read more.

Borås, Sweden, captured by WSP Sweden

Vexcel Imaging, based in Graz, Austria, provisions the Ultracam Mustang: the ultra-high resolution street view camera (you may have seen the results on Microsoft’s StreetSide view on Bing Maps). The Ultracam Mustang can be shipped globally for projects all over the world. Read more.

Graz, Austria, captured by Vexcel Imaging

Look out for more partners in more regions in the coming weeks! If you offer imagery capture services, please get in touch. We’d love to help bring your imagery to the web for broader distribution, and to use new advances in computer vision technology to extract insights and data.

And as always, we're interested to hear what you think about the new feature so feel free to comment, email or tweet us.

Happy zooming in!

/Janine & Oscar

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