Improved performance, design and availability—the new Mapillary for ArcGIS Online app is now on the ArcGIS Marketplace.

Mapillary for ArcGIS Online app 1

The app enables ArcGIS Online users to view, create, and edit GIS data with the aid of fresh, relevant street-level imagery—all directly within ArcGIS webmaps. GIS professionals can access over 100M photos from our community, or capture their own using Mapillary’s mobile apps or any GPS-enabled camera.

Mapillary for ArcGIS Online app 2

In the app you can mark features on the map, move them around, and edit attributes while virtually navigating through photos. The beautiful street-level experience you see on is available in the Marpillary for ArcGIS Online app as an integrated web viewer.

Mapillary for ArcGIS Online app 3

If you’re familiar with Mapillary’s integration with ArcGIS, here’s what’s new about the experience:

  • Improved design and usability of the web app
  • Upgraded version of the Mapillary viewer for better performance and navigation
  • Availability on the ArcGIS Marketplace, now with support for per user licenses and e-commerce

Many thanks to the team at Geojobe for helping us improve the app, and to the Esri Marketplace team for the brilliant new features and hands-on support. We look forward to further collaborations to bring street imagery and GIS together.

For more information, visit the ArcGIS Marketplace and sign up for a trial to give it a spin. We look forward to your feedback at


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