Save and Share Your Filter Setups with URLs

You can easily save and share the filters you have set up in the Mapillary viewer, since we now store filters in the URL.

Mapillary now stores filters in the URL of the image you are viewing. Any filter or combination of filters, no matter how simple or advanced the setup, will be reflected in the web address. You don't need to do anything special for that to happen, just use the filters as you would normally do via the filter icon at the top left of the Mapillary web viewer.

This means that you can set up any combination of filters and quickly access the same view whenever you want, simply by saving the link. You can also share your filter setup via the link with whoever you want. This is really useful for getting an overview of the activities of a specific group of people (whether an organization or an ad-hoc group) over a particular period of time.

For example, nearly 50 YouthMappers in Uganda are just now having a Mapillary competition to see who captures the most images during April and May. Needless to say, it would be tedious to set up date filters and 50 user filters every time they want to see how coverage in Uganda grows during the competition. Now the filters can be set up only once and shared among all participants, as well as anyone else interested—see for yourself!

Uganda challenge group filter

Try it out and let us know what you think!

/Katrin and the Mapillary team

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