Full Speed Ahead: How Toyota Research Institute is Accelerating its Machine Learning Algorithms with Mapillary

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is focused on developing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms for autonomous driving to realize safe and accessible mobility for the future. In this blog post, Jie Li, Research Scientist at TRI, outlines how TRI utilizes the Mapillary Vistas Dataset as a benchmark for driving scene understanding algorithms providing geometric and semantic diversity at scale.

Community Mapping Projects in 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, we are highlighting some of the outstanding community projects from this year.

Exploring Zanzibar with Mapillary: Pt 2 - The End of the Road

After the labyrinth of Stone Town’s alleys and a ship wreck on the west coast, our story heads east. This blog post is a continuation of Pt 1 - The Chief Officers’ Logbook. If you haven’t read part 1 of our adventures in Zanzibar, start there. If you have, welcome to part 2!

Exploring Zanzibar with Mapillary: Pt 1 - The Chief Officers’ Logbook

Following FOSS4G 2018 in Dar Es Salaam, Mapillary's own Chris and Ed went on a mapping adventure across Zanzibar. This is part one of a two part series about their mission to help create one of the most accurately mapped areas in Africa.

Automating the Process: Collecting Traffic Sign Data in Clovis

In many one-person GIS shops across the United States, collecting and managing local assets can be a daunting task. For Steven Hewett of Clovis, New Mexico, Mapillary presented a way to streamline and automate the process of completing a city-wide traffic sign inventory.

Up-to-date GIS Data Across the Globe with Mapillary for Organizations

Learn how our GIS customers use Mapillary for infrastructure maintenance, traffic sign inventory, and asset management—now with support for working with your organization on the Mapillary platform.

The Road Less Traveled: How Students Used Mapillary and OpenStreetMap to Highlight Accessibility Issues in Their City

This is a guest post by a group of engineering students at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology, showing the importance of individual mappers in getting the less common perspective when evaluating mobility conditions in cities around the world.

Balancing Urban Infrastructure: Perspectives from Valencian Cyclists

Citizens and the city council in Valencia, Spain, are working together to increase the safety, efficiency, and popularity of cycling. They use street-level imagery to provide a visual reference of the current situation and extract data for updating maps. This improves information exchange between stakeholders and helps the city government decide how to allocate the €4.5M budget assigned to developing bicycle infrastructure.

Vermont Opens Up 5 Years of Road Imagery for Improving Transportation Services

The Vermont Transportation Agency is the first State Department of Transportation (DOT) in the U.S. to bring their photo logs to Mapillary. Five million images collected over five years are now easy to integrate into the agency’s workflows, and also available to the public as open data.

How Red Cross Uses Data During Global Disasters

Dan Joseph, GIS Officer at the American Red Cross, gives us an insight into using street-level imagery in disaster response and the challenges they face when time is critical.

Citizen Engagement for Youth—Reporting School Route Issues with Mapillary

The City of Turku together with Mapillary partner Gispo used Mapillary for reviewing school routes of students to discover potential safety hazards and other issues.

Tracking Placemaking in Public Spaces

In this guest post, Anna Siprikova from Project for Public Spaces explains how they used Mapillary to make the process of analyzing public spaces easier, faster, and available to everyone.

Autonomous Intelligent Driving Advances with the Mapillary Vistas Dataset

Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH has licensed the Mapillary Vistas Dataset to develop technology for self-driving cars across the whole Volkswagen Group.

Mapping Arctic Research Stations on Svalbard

As a part of an EU infrastructure and collaboration project, the father-son team that photo mapped the Faroe Islands last summer is now inviting you to take a virtual tour of the Ny-Ålesund Arctic research station on Svalbard.

Rutmap Introduces New Technologies in Presenting Tourist Attractions of Sarajevo

Sarajevo's most popular virtual map is going to show street-level views of the city via a Mapillary integration.

GIS Day Special: 15 Stories in Street-Level Imagery

We're celebrating GIS day with 15 customer stories told with street-level imagery—from asset inventories and city planning to disaster response and open data initiatives. Also, we're involved in a number of events!

Uniting Against Potholes: Partnership Between Járókelő and Mapillary

The Hungarian citizen community Járókelő is integrating Mapillary to help people detect and report potholes to their local government for infrastructure improvements.

More Efficient Post-earthquake Surveys: Assessing Damage Virtually with Drones and Street-level Imagery

This is a guest post by Harriette Stone, an earthquake engineer at University College London, who will share her experiences from using new technologies such drones and 360° cameras in post-earthquake surveying missions. A recent mission in Ecuador showed that data from ground surveys and virtual surveys match quite well when assessing post-earthquake damage to buildings. That means virtual surveys can help make future missions much more efficient.

Planning the City of Tepic with New Technologies and Citizen Participation

In this guest post Alberto Partida from the Municipality Planning Institution of Tepic, Mexico, shares his thoughts about the importance of collaboration between citizens and organizations in order to build better cities.

Photo Mapping Cuba: The Miraculous Havana and Beyond

A photo mapping camp in Havana kicked off the voluntary efforts to open up wonderful Cuba for everyone to explore, and a seed has been sown to discuss open data in the country.

Story Map: Westchester County Trails

Happy Parks & Recreation Month! The Westchester County GIS team has been photo-mapping up a storm.