Weekend Hack - a Mapillary GoPro Bike Mount

After we sent out the car mounts after our survey, we received a lot of positive feedback. However, there are not many mounts for bikes that are suitable for Mapillary.

So, last weekend's project was to start building one. First, my friend Martin Wolff did a great first iteration with a 3D printer:

alt test

There are many interested Mapillary users wanting to import images from GoPro cameras. I thought it might be a good idea to build on that ecosystem and design a bicycle phone mount that is compatible with the GoPro accessories.

Searching at Thingiverse, I found this nice starting point. Loading it into OpenSCAD, I got

alt test

Cool! So, I could use the GoPro 2-legged mount and edited Martins Phone-mount, corrected for my Sony Xperia Z1, resulting in this code:

use <gopro_mounts_mooncactus.scad>
include <write.scad>

// Create a "triple" gopro connector

ph_width     = 147;
ph_height    = 74;
ph_thick     = 9.5;
wall             = 2;
camera_hole_to_top_edge = 11.5;
camera_hole_to_side_edge = 10;
camera_hole_diameter = 15;
side_edge_to_screen = 10;
bottom_edge_to_screen = 10;
lift_holes_diameter= 20;

difference (){
    union() {

    union() {
        //phone body

        //camera hole
        translate([0,ph_height-camera_hole_to_top_edge,ph_width-camera_hole_to_side_edge]) {
            rotate([90,0,90])   cylinder(3*wall,d=camera_hole_diameter,center=true);

        rotate([90,0,90])   cylinder(30,d=lift_holes_diameter,center=true);
        translate([0,0,ph_width]) {
            rotate([90,0,90]) cylinder(30,d=lift_holes_diameter,center=true);
            translate([0, ph_height/2, -ph_height])
        translate([wall*2+ph_thick/2,side_edge_to_screen,bottom_edge_to_screen]) cube([wall*6,ph_height*0.8,ph_width*0.8]);


Which looks something like:

alt test

The code is here, feel free to fork and improve, and adjust the dimensions to your phone model. Once it is good enough, we will upload it to Thingiverse.

This took about two hours (I am a bit slow on CAD, just starting). After that, just export the STL file and print it on your nearest 3D printer - I went to my local hacker space STPLN where we printed the mount in ABS on a RepRap variant:

alt test

The walls are a bit thin, and I printed with only 40% material fill which is wrong but the dimensions seem to work:

alt test

alt test

So, next iteration will be on a printshop-printer, printing the GoPro handlebar-mount, and off we go!


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