The OsmAnd+ app helps you find routes that are not yet covered on Mapillary so that you'd know where to photo map. Here's how.

OsmAnd+ is an app for navigation and editing OSM data such as hillshade, contour lines, accessibility, etc. The paid version (which is 50% off for Android at the moment) allows you to use OSM data offline. OsmAnd is available for iOS as well.

You can check out the video introduction here.

Now that Mapillary raster tiles are back online, you can add Mapillary tile sources with the URL of, or the original{z}/{x}/{y}.png, either to check if that street is already on Mapillary or to calculate routes based on streets that are not on Mapillary in order to increase the coverage.

The process

Here is how to activate Mapillary tiles on OsmAnd+ (notice that for the Mapillary tiles to work you either need WiFi or data connection).

1. Open the app and go to your lower left corner burger menu
2. Tap on "Configure map"

3. Tap on "Map Source…"
4. Tap on "Define/Edit…"
5. Fill with:
    Name: Mapillary
    Min zoom: 0
    Max zoom: 17
And then tap on “Save”.
6. Tap on “Overlay map…”
7. Tap on Mapillary

8. Head back to the map and there you have the Mapillary photo coverage on OsmAnd+

You can then calculate the best route through streets that are not on Mapillary, so that you can increase coverage. Learn how to create routes on the OsmAnd website.

Happy photo mapping!


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