Adding Park Attributes to OpenStreetMap

The final part of the video tutorial by Mapillary Ambassador Nuno shows you how to add details about parks to OpenStreetMap.

Two weeks ago, we took a look at how to add building attributes to OpenStreetMap, and last week, how to add road attributes. Both write-ups are based on our Ambassador Nuno's video tutorial, as will be this one where we dive into adding some details related to parks.

Excrement Bag Vending Machine

As Nuno starts looking around Vondelpark in Amsterdam, an excrement bag vending machine catches his eye. You can mark any type of vending machine on the map by using the amenity=vending_machine tag. The type can be specified by using the vending=excrement_bags tag. If there's a fee on the vending machine, you can note that too.


Having a map with seating labelled throughout the park is super useful. Add benches with the amenity=bench tag. You can add the capacity with seats=# as well as information on the material, colour, and whether it has a backrest.

Adding benches to OpenStreetMap Adding amenities like waste baskets and benches

Waste baskets

Waste baskets are another common park amenity. Any guess how to add this one? Amenity=waste_basket. You can copy and paste these nodes wherever you come across a bin.


One of the many areas where OpenStreetMap can exceed commercial maps is its ability to store information on non-road assets such as footpaths. The ways in Vondelpark have already been added, but many are missing information that can be easily added with street-level imagery. Nuno added the surface=unpaved. If street lamps were observable, he could also mark it as lit. Using nearby signage, he can also determine allowed and restricted access.

This is just a small subset of the tags that can be added with a quick look through street-level imagery. What are the most common attributes that you add to OpenStreetMap with help of Mapillary photos? Comment here or jump on our forum to discuss.


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