Welcome to Mapillary!

With this post we are starting our company blog to share long-form content on topics that we are passionate about and topics that relate to Mapillary. For announcements and short-style content, follow us on twitter.

Why are we doing this?

In short: we want to create a photo representation of the world, a map with photos of every place on earth.

A somewhat longer answer is that we want to collect street view and map photos and make them available for users and developers because we believe:

  • that in order to extend the coverage and improve the freshness and level of detail of today's street view and map photos, we need to move from a top-down model (cars with a rig on the roof) to a bottom-up model where users contribute.
  • that users are good at deciding what is important and useful to photograph. Local knowledge is hard to beat.
  • that there is no limit to the focus and depth of people's interests, and there should be no limit to the level of detail users can contribute.
  • that the best way to crowdsource is to make super simple apps for data collection and move the intelligence to the server side, away from the user.
  • that a crowdsourced solution should improve with every new photo contributed, immediately.
  • that users and customers using the data provide a natural prioritization of what areas to cover first and how.
  • that there is a place for an independent neutral provider of map photos.

What can you do?

Browse photos online at mapillary.com.

Download the app. Try it out. Take photos of your neighborhood, take photos on your next vacation, your next hike, your next bike ride.

Use the API to build something.

Send us your feedback. These days are early days and we appreciate all feedback that can help us understand what you need and how.

Join us! It will be an adventure.

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