Editing Uploads

Starting out Mapillary with the idea of crowdsourcing street view photos using smartphones we were fully aware of the limitations of the devices used. Typically, your phone will at best give position within a few meters accuracy, sometimes a lot more than a few meters.

To help users take photos with good positioning, we added GPS icons to the camera view in the apps that would show when it is safe to take photos. We also prevent photo capture in the apps if the accuracy is too low. Despite this, things go wrong and we wanted the ability to crowdsource the correction of uploads.

Today we launched the next step in improving our data quality, editing of uploads.

When you are signed in and looking at a photo (or sequence) you will see an "Edit" button, like this:

alt edit button

Clicking that button will take you into edit mode where you can drag to change the position of photos and edit other details. Once you are done, review and save your edits. Once saved, your edits will generate a change set that is queued for approval by Mapillary users that have the extra powers to approve changes. We aim to update all incoming change sets within 24h.

alt edit before
An example with poor GPS accuracy.

alt edit after
The same after editing. (modified photos are marked with red)

Next time you see a Mapillary upload that has errors, we hope you will give editing a try. Not just on your own uploads, you can help improve everyone's uploads.

Have fun editing!

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