Photo Capture Modes

With our latest update to the iPhone and Android apps today, we made some changes in how you capture photos. Where before, you selected "photo" or "sequences" when launching the camera, we now added three capture modes:

alt iphone modes


Walking mode is for when you are walking, or moving slow, and want to manually control when photos are taken. Take as many photos as you like and try to get lots of overlap between photos. When you turn or change direction, try to do it gradually, taking overlapping photos. That way the photos will be better connected and you get a nicer viewing experience.

Riding (bike/car)

In riding mode, photos are taken automatically in 2s intervals. Hold the camera straight and point it in the direction you are riding. Bikes are great for this! If you are in a car, make sure your view is clear of dashboards and other car parts.


The panorama mode is for when you are in a location where you want people to be able to look around in many directions. For example, in fromt of landmarks, interesting buildings, at intersections, where there is a beautiful view. Stand in one place and take as many photos you like while panning the camera around. Make sure to get lots of overlap between photos.

alt screenshot alt screenshot iPhone app in walking mode and Android app in riding mode.

In all modes, we recommend shooting with the camera in landscape orientation.

The reason for introducing these modes is that we want to help users take better photos. Some were confused when to use sequences before and we felt that although people did take panoramas, we wanted to handle panoramas differently. The capture mode will also determine how your photos are processed and what rules and reasoners are applied to the resulting data which also improves the end result.

We hope you will like our new apps. As always, send us your feedback on twitter or email.

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