A Mapillary Windows Phone App!

Today Mapillary - the project to provide a street level view of the world - arrived at the Windows Phone platform with the first release of the app for Windows Phone 8 / 8.1.

This is not an official app from Mapillary, but it was developed by me in cooperation with the Mapillary team.

The Windows Phone app is quite similar to the iPhone and Android apps. Here are a few screenshots:

The Welcome Screen

The Camera View.

Edit/Delete pictures before upload.

Upload pictures.

The Mapillary app for Windows Phone can be downloaded for free here:

Mapillary for Windows Phone is developed by Ovesen.net. The person behind Ovesen.net is me, Tommy Ovesen, an experienced senior software developer from Bodø, Norway. I develop apps for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone platform as a hobby besides my full time job as a developer.

Please try out the app if you have a Windows Phone. If you have any suggestions or issues with the Windows Phone app, contact me at my Facebook page

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