Introducing Places and Regional Stats

We are continuing our work on showing all the great data that we have. Recently we added connections and notifications to connect mappers.

We have now added a new places page on our website with stats on who's mapping and where. We have so many great contributors and this is a nice way to show who is mapping a particular region.

The map looks like this:

alt toplists

From the main map you can drill down by clicking a specific region, for example Italy:

alt italy

Some countries have sub-regions, for example Germany, Sweden, and the United States. We will add more sub-regions when a region has enough data for that to make sense. Every country and region has its own url so you can share and bookmark.

For each of these views, we are also showing who the top contributors are. For example, for Italy:

alt fulltoplists

The number one contributor also gets a special spot on the map too.

Take a moment and browse around, see whos active in areas you care about and look at their fantastic contributions.

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