Privacy Policy and Terms

Six months after our launch it is now time for an update of our policies. While our previous terms regulated what we can do with photos contributed to Mapillary we decided that more clarity and detail would be helpful on things like how you are allowed to use the service, your rights to photos, how we handle your personal data, copyright infringement and more.

In an international context we need to be explicit about what behaviour is acceptable and what rights you have as users. We are therefore adding a privacy policy and updating our terms today.

Our privacy policy

Full text here. The privacy policy declares how we collect, store and use information from you when you use Mapillary. It also mentions our use of cookies (an EU requirement).

Our updated terms

Full text here (same URL as before). Our intentions are best described in the opening paragraph:

To better serve the Mapillary community, promote transparency, and minimize disputes, we have prepared these Terms of Use. We wish to clearly set out our rights and your rights, in furtherance of building a strong Mapillary community. We would like to assure the community that nothing in these Terms requires transfer of your ownership of photos taken with the Mapillary App, and that photos contributed by the Mapillary community are made publicly available by us in accordance with these Terms.

New points are:

  • Commercial vs Non-commercial use
  • Inappropriate behaviour
  • Limitations on liability
  • Account termination
  • Copyright DMCA notices

The rights we give to OpenStreetMap and CreativeCommons as described on our legal page are now clearly referenced throughout the text under the term “Outbound Terms”. Nothing has changed there. Our use of incoming photos has not changed either but we are clearer on the point that you don’t transfer ownership by submitting a photo.


We take your personal data and your rights seriously. If you have any questions or thoughts, please send them to us directly by email.

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