Mapillary in the OpenStreetMap iD Editor

As we have written in an earlier blog post, we have been working with the OpenStreetMap iD editor developers to integrate Mapillary as a source for editing OpenStreetMap.

Today we are very happy to announce that this work is finally integrated into the official version of the iD editor! Log in and look at it here.


Lots of thanks/credit goes to John Firebaugh, Tom MacWright, Martijn van Exel and the fantastic MapBox team who are supporting iD and helped out with the integration work.

The implications

This integration means that you can see and use Mapillary street level photos in your area for improving OpenStreetMap. Remember that we give an explicit right for anyone to derive data and put it into OpenStreetMap.

If there are no suitable images in the area - get out and take some yourself, or get some of the contributors in that area to take photos with the Mapillary apps.

We are really happy to see this integration into the official iD version. We hope you will find this new tool useful and that you also contribute to both our projects by taking photos of places that are interesting for mapping.


Update: This code is now integrated into the main iD editor and available on the main OpenStreetMap site.

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