Traffic Sign Recognition

Today we are happy to announce another feature requested by our faithful Mapillary users - traffic sign recognition. We have processed over 6 million images and detected all the traffic signs in the United States and Europe. From now on every image added in these regions will go through our system and will be categorized with traffic sign data.

These signs are also exposed in our API. We will open this up with the upgrade to our API v2, if you want to have access now tweet me @gyllen.

To use the Mapillary traffic sign recognition feature, point your browser to any Mapillary image (in the US or Europe). For example this one from my home town Billeberga in Sweden.

In the lower left corner of the map you see a tab labeled “Filter”, press that one and you will see a button that will enable traffic sign filtering.

Traffic Signs

If you press a sign icon you will be taken to the corresponding image containing that sign. The detected signs will have a red overlay and a list of detected signs will be shown on the left hand corner of the image.

Traffic Signs

Now, you can also see traffic sign stats on your profile page. Check out your own, as well as your Mapillary friends'. Who has the most pedestrian crossings?

Traffic Signs

Go and try it out and tell us what you think! We love feedback! On Twitter or email.

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