Traffic Sign Recognition Feedback

A week and a half ago we released our traffic sign detection and got an awesome response from you guys. We deliberately released it without any feedback system. We didn’t know if this was something that anybody cared about so we didn’t want to spend valuable developer time on something nobody wanted.

Turned out that a lot of people asked for a way to correct the data. We have a couple of ways to give us feedback already (change sets and blurs) and these have taught us a lot about how you guys want the feedback system to work. It needs to be quick and it needs to be fun.

A couple of days ago we started “sneaking” this feature out and now we are happy to announce that we have something that we think you will like.

Edit in traffic sign mode

Login to Mapillary and select the traffic sign mode. You will now see something like this.

Sign edit

There are a couple of things you can do here, You can change the type of sign by either clicking on the box just beside the overlay or the little icon in the left hand corner.

You can add a new sign by pressing the plus sign. If you do not see the sign you have in mind choose other (its the green button to the left in the image below).


And finally you can choose to give our system valuable feedback by confirming that this image has all the detections it needs. Just press the “tick” and your feedback will be saved back to Mapillary.

A traffic sign game

To make this a little more fun we constructed a game where you will be presented with a random image from our archive. Kill some time by tagging some signs and make Mapillary better. Let us know what you think in the comment field or on Twitter.



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