10M Geotagged Connected Photos

Today we passed a sort of milestone on Mapillary - 10 million geotagged, connected photos! We have seen fantastic growth since the start of this year and almost doubled the number of photos in the last three months.

We're amazed at the quality of photos people contribute from their phones and action cameras. Just take a look at the front page, the explore page or the realtime feed for inspiration.

Instagram inspiration

Follow us on Instagram for a curated set of awesome inspiring photos. Our intern Edoardo picks a great "photo of the day" collection.

Growing our service

A little more than a year ago when we showcased Mapillary the first time at an event in Stockholm, we had 10k photos. Our first prototype backend was up, our only app was an early beta of iOS, Johan and I did frontend design and it looked awful ;). Despite that we put this out in the open and started to fix bottlenecks. We still do that every week and try to keep a high cadence of introducing and fixing features our community cares about.

A lot of work also go into the things you don’t see (but notice once they fail). Our backend has gone through many transformations since those early days a year ago. Johan, with the help of Peter, is the driving force there.

With this little reflection on today's milestone, I'd like to thank everyone who helps promote Mapillary, anyone who files bugs and feature requests, and of course every single one of our amazing contributor community.

Onwards and upwards!

/Jan Erik

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