Mapillary Device Stats

Here's a short update with some stats on what devices our community is using to map the world. Hopefully this will be the first post in a series with interesting stats and data.

From the EXIF tags in the photos we can get the make and model for all contributions. We just recently started plotting these stats and found some interesting surprises. Here's what it looks like.

Top 5 make

The top list of camera make looks quite interesting.

Make Share
Samsung 27.1%
Apple 24.7%
Garmin 9.3%
Sony 6.6%
HTC 6.0%

No surprise, Samsung and Apple are there at the top. On the list are also the runner up Android manufacturers HTC and Sony. Surprisingly Garmin, makers of the VIRB action camera, takes 3rd place. Although easy to use for Mapillary, these cameras are not as widespread yet.

Just outside the list, on 6th place, is GoPro. This is also surprising since until recently when we enabled video uploads in the web uploader, it was difficult to use GoPro cameras for mapping.

Top 5 model

The top list of camera models looks like this.

Model Share
VIRB (Garmin) 14.3%
iPhone5,2 (*iPhone 5) 9.2%
iPhone6,1 (*iPhone 5S) 7.1%
HERO3+ Black Edition (GoPro) 6.7%
iPhone6,2 (*iPhone 5S) 6.4%

Only action cameras and iPhone models. Garmin has only one model so far (a second model is planned for summer 2015). Apple has only a few models so not surprisingly rank high on this list.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into some of the contributor data we have. We plan to share more in posts to come.

/Jan Erik


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