Mapillary Traffic Signs in iD

After the first steps of integrating iD and Mapillary, we are happy to announce that we have integrated the Mapillary Street Signs as a layer into our fork of the iD editor. This was done together with the help of the OpenStreetMap community and the fantastic developers at Mapbox like @jfire. We hope to get this accepted into the main code base after more feedback.

This integration gives users of the iD editor the possibility to see where street signs are detected in Mapillary images and to get a hint of where they might be located on the map. In combination with the Mapillary base layer, one can even get a sense of the direction of the image without leaving the iD editor.

(We are limiting the amount of detections returned in a single view, not to overload the iD SVG structure. Zoom in to get more detail.)

The Mapillary traffic sign layer is available in the Mapillary fork of iD, online here.

We hope this integration will make it easy and convenient to use the fantastic data that the Mapillary community has been collecting for the good work at OpenStreetMap.

Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback in the iD issue tracker!


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