Using Tangram with Mapillary Vector Tiles

Mapillary data vector tiles allow for simple, interactive integration of Mapillary data. Here's a great example of integrating vector tile data using MapZen's Tangram map render.

You may have noticed the recent switch to using vector tiles and WebGL on our site. Because we're serving data that is real-time styled and rendered in your browser we can make really beautiful, interactive maps without having to query any database or APIs. You simply interact with the data served inside the vector tiles. For we are using Mapbox GL, but that's not the only option out there.

Tangram is a map renderer built and maintained by the awesome team at MapZen. Tangram also uses WebGL and supports a number of vector tile formats, including the one we use at Mapillary.

Tangram example

Here is a fantastic demo example of an interactive integration of Mapillary data vector tiles using Tangram. You can color code the sequences based on time and change the colors as you like. Usernames are drawn on the map and you see data on hover. All of this just from the information in the tiles. This example is open source (check the code here) and was built by Peter Richardson. Thanks Peter!

If you want to use the Mapillary data vector tiles, check out the developer pages or the documentation.

As always, send us your thoughts and feedback on Twitter and email.

/Jan Erik

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