Announcing Mapillary API v2

Ever since we started Mapillary, we have always had the ambition of keeping the platform as extendable as possible. The release of API v2 is in line with that vision.

The approach has been to design an API where the Mapillary webpage or any of our apps are simply users of the same API that is available to all developers. If you want to design a better interface or lack a feature it should be possible for you to write a new interface on top of the API.

You can find the documentation of API v2 here. To get a client_id for your application visit the application settings page and create one yourself.


Most of the API calls can be called without having to authenticate a user. To be able to allow you to perform actions on behalf of a user we had to implement the full Oauth 2.0 specification. After you have created a Mapillary app you can now authenticate a user through oauth.


In many cases the API is more powerful than our current interface. Below I listed some examples where you can play around with the API and create a better interface than the official one. If you build something on top of the API make sure to drop us an email and we will make sure to feature it in future API blogpost.


With this API you can build and keep track of your own toplists. You can even get a toplist for a specific region or country.


Get information about a specific user, more information is available than is currently visible on the users profile.


Keep track of everything happening on Mapillary in realtime.


Search through all of our sequences, notice that you can search by user, something that we do not use on our webpage yet.


Search instantly for usernames in our username database.


Combine the blur functionality with a random image and you got yourself a blur game.

Whats next

We have heaps of more functionality already available in the API and there is a lot more to come. Keep an eye on the blog for the next chunk of functionality to play with.

Note: the old API v1 will be depreciated shortly. We have notified all registered developers but if you have any apps using v1, now is the time to upgrade.


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