Traffic Sign Updates

Last month, we talked about the accuracy improvement of traffic sign recognition with the help of Mapillary users. Today, we would like to share some more updates on traffic signs.

One of the challenge of recognizing traffic signs globally is the appearance variation between different countries. There are two main standards for traffic signs; the Vienna Convention used by most European countries, and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices followed by most American and Asian countries.

Even within the same convention, we can already see the variations of the same sign among different countries in the two tables of comparison for Europe and MUTCD.

Country-specific sign recognition

To handle these variations, we have been working with country-specific training for traffic sign recognition as well as naming normalization in Traffico. Today, we are happy to introduce three completely new traffic sign recognition packages for Australia (71 signs), Brazil (97 signs), Canada (102 signs) and updated packages for Europe (32 signs added with country-variants) and US (12 signs added, including US speed limits). In particular, with the releases of the US/Canada speed limit sign recognition, we can now detect another major variant of speed limit signs in the world.

[Add two figures with detection here]

Traffic sign API

With this update we support a total of five traffic sign packages in our API.

Country Country Code Total Package
Australia au 75 trafficsign_au_2.0
Brazil br 82 trafficsign_br_5.0
Canada ca 86 trafficsign_ca_2.0
Europe eu 79 trafficsign_eu_6.0
USA us 84 trafficsign_us_3.0

The documentation is here.

Future plans

After this update, we plan to release progressively country-specific traffic sign recognition for countries all over the world. As always, there is no perfect recognition system out there (at least not yet ;)). Your feedback to the traffic sign recognition is invaluable to the future improvement of the accuracy.

/Yubin and The Mapillary Team

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