what3words Integration on Mapillary

A couple of days ago we silently integrated what3words to Mapillary. what3words is "a global grid of 57 trillion 3m*3m squares." Every single place in the world can be described by three simple words. For example go to "exhales.singer.back" and you will end up at the Mapillary office.

alt Mapillary now supports what3words

At the moment we support what3words in three different ways.

In the viewer

Looking at a Mapillary photo and you want to know what what3words it is in. Easy, just pull down the image info in the drawer to the right.

alt what3words on Mapillary

In any search field on Mapillary you can enter a what3words and we will directly take you there.

alt what3words on Mapillary

API integration

If you are a developer and you are looking for some fun, check out our brand new what3words API.


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