Mapillary Location Search Now Powered by Mapzen Search

Recently Mapzen launched Mapzen Search. It is a search engine for places worldwide, fully powered by open data and freely available to everyone.

It comes with awesome features such as autocompletion and the ability to prioritize local results over far away global ones.

Under the hood it's powered by Pelias, a geocoding engine about which we've been very enthusiastic about here at Mapillary!

It brings a lot of ease to our fast development process and makes us a bit happier whenever we use it, so it was simple - we've decided to flip a switch and go to 11 with Mapzen Search when it comes to location lookups.

Mapzen Search on

For the last few weeks you have probably noticed the location search autocomplete as well as better search results based on your queries on and in the iOS app.

We're still experimenting with all the great functionality Mapzen Search provides, so expect things to get even better soon. So far we have made transition to this Pelias based platform witnin our web application as well as our native iOS app. Check them out!

You can read more about Mapzen Search and signup for an API key here! Enjoy.

Having said all this, we'd like to thanks the Mapzen Team for making Pelias and Mapzen Search happen!

Kamil & The Mapillary Team

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