First, there was Picture-in-Picture (PiP). It was awesome and all the kids were raving about it. Now we introduce the next big thing, Map-in-Camera, or simply MiC.

It is available in version 4.0.6 of the iOS app.

It can be very useful to show which areas that are mapped or not. Before you had to stop the capture, close the camera view, go to the map, check, then go back to the camera and start capture again. Cumbersome to say the least.

It can also be useful if you don't know the area very well you are mapping and would like to have a map to look at while walking/cycling/driving.

It has two, well three, modes; hidden, small and full screen. Just tap the map icon to toggle between the modes.

Hidden just hides the map. Perfect if you don't want the map to generate data traffic.

Small is a small circular map located in the bottom left corner (as seen in many games). This one is useful for walking or other scenarios when you want to see the viewfinder properly and to make sure it's levelled.

Full screen is sort of the classic Picture-in-Picture, but intead you get Picture-in-Map. Perfect when you're driving and need a map to guide you.

While this first version is not perfect, it is a starting point and feedback is more than welcome.


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