In the iOS app we have added support for GoPro® cameras. The cameras we support are GoPro® Hero4 Silver and Black. This post is a detailed description of how to connect the camera and use it from the Mapillary app.

Billesholm (Sweden) captured by craig.taverner with a GoPro® camera

Here are detailed step-by-step instructions:

1. Pair the GoPro® camera

Pair the GoPro® camera and your phone using the GoPro® app if not already done. Make sure "WiFi RC & APP mode" on the GoPro® is enabled. Change WiFi to your GoPro® on your iPhone.

Selecting the GoPro® WiFi

2. Select the GoPro® camera when capturing

When you launch the camera in the Mapillary app, it will search for GoPro® cameras. If there isn't a popup saying that a GoPro® camera was found, make sure you are connected to the GoPro® WiFi and try again (close the camera in the Mapillary app and open it again).

GoPro® camera detected

3. Check the preview

The app shows a preview photo once the GoPro® is connected. Use it to position the camera properly, for example to avoid car hoods and other obstacles. Tap the "Refresh" button to take a new preview photo.

GoPro® camera connected, showing preview

When you are ready to start capturing, tap "Start" in the app to start capturing using the GoPro® camera. The app will trigger the GoPro® camera to capture every 1.5 seconds. When you are done capturing, tap "Stop" as usual.

4. Transfer the photos

After the capture, you need to transfer the photos to the app so that GPS position and other necessary EXIF data can be added to each photo. After each capture you are asked if you want to transfer the photos.

Transferring after a capture from Camera view

You can also do it later. All you have to do is open the Uploads view with the GoPro® camera connected and you'll be asked if you want to transfer the photos.

Transferring from Uploads view

5. Review and upload

Once the photos are transferred, you can review and upload the photos as usual from the app.

The photos aren't deleted on the memory card in the GoPro® camera, you have to do that yourself. A good practice is to format the memory card before each session.

This feature is in beta right now, with many tweaks, improvements and new modes to come. Feedback is more than welcome as usual.


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